Parthenon Cares

As a locally owned business we believe it is important we give back to the Lafayette community which has supported us since 1980. If you are searching for ways to raise money and awareness for your non-profit organization we would love to help. Contact us here to schedule a night to host an event.

Once we receive your request we will look at our calendar to determine when, and if, we can schedule an event. While we would love to accommodate everyone as a small, local, family owned restaurant we cannot accept all requests.

If we can host an event we will send you a confirmation along with a customized printable flyer for you to share with your invitees prior to the event. Flyers cannot be passed out at the actual event. The flyer must be presented at the time of order.

Once the event has ended within seven days our management will calculate total sales and send your organization a check for 10% of sales up to 49 flyers. If we receive more than 50 flyers your organization will receive 20%. It is that simple.